A next generation CMS for editorial and website management.

Create multi-brand landing pages and editorial content at scale,
fast and easy.


Fully customisable pages and layouts Integrate your brands' unique key offerings with our e-commerce and content capabilities, on custom landing pages that are easy to build and scalable.


Create multiple editorial features, all in one place. Fully customisable and extensible, with in-edit functionality. Manage multiple editorial features all from one place.

Custom Widgets

Creation of custom widgets into your microsite can be customised to meet your brands campaign objectives and enhance consumer engagement within your microsite.


Built with advertising front of mind, ContentHub allows brands to easily integrate IAB and Native Ad formats and is synchronised with DFP. Upon request, we can add traffic ads for you on a revenue share model.

Zero Technical Skills

A major advantage of ContentHUB is the customizability of elements to fit your needs requiring ZERO Technical Skill.


Use multiple languages and brands and build as many landing pages as you want.

Ad Optimised

Easily integrate IAB and native ad formats.

Plugin Ready

Make use of anything from DFP, GTM, THRON Media (DAM) to social media, widgets, articles and many more

Cloud Hosted

Build websites on a platform delivered as a Managed Service

SEO Optimised

Boost your site’s search engine optimization rank and optimize your branded content for monetisation opportunities

Why contentHUB?

It helps brands manage, customise and socialise their content

It makes it easy to attract, engage and convert customers

Very easy and fun to use - requires ZERO technical skills

Built from the ground up using the latest UX/UI guidelines

Developer backed - we can customise things for you

Multi-brand and multilingual

Drag and drop

For further information or to request
a demonstration, contact